Our on-site machining complex -- complete with CNC lathes, including live tooling as well as vertical/horizontal machining centers -- is your single source for precision machined parts. Forging and machining parts at one central location reduces both time to market for initial product launches and production lead times for ongoing orders. Using the same manufacturing data in all stages of manufacturing, from forging to machining, also ensures a higher standard of quality control.

We save you money by:

  • Reducing scrap costs
  • Lowering freight costs by forging and machining parts at one central facility
  • Reducing paperwork
  • Reducing inventory levels

We also machine castings, parts made from bar or plate stock, and forgings provided to us by third parties. We can machine parts up to 26 inches in diameter.

Machining Complex Equipment List:

Machine Listing

Units Installed

Horizontal Machining Centers
Makino A99e1
Mazak HCN-60004
Mazak HCN-40001
Vertical Machining Centers
Makino V561
Makino V771
Mazak VTC 250/50D2
Mazak VTC 250/50D2
Milltronics MM18 Mill1
Intergrex - Turning Centers with Milling Capability
Mazak Integrex 300-4S
(Second Spindle)
Mazak Integrex i4001
Turning Centers
Mazak QTN-250 II x20"1
Mazak QTN-350 II x26"1
Mazak QTN-350 II x48"1
Mazak QTN-450 M II x48" (Live Tooling)1
Hyundai L300a2
Hyundai L300c1

Least achievable machining tolerances:

Linear Tolerances : 0.0005 inch
Geometric Tolerances : 0.0005 inch
Surface finish : 20√

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