Trinity Forge and Machine has many decades of experience providing forgings for the nuclear industry.

With an expertise in exotic alloys such as nickel-based alloys, titanium and stainless steel, we possess the capabilities and technical know-how to forge and machine a wide-range of built-to-print, custom components common to the nuclear industry, including:

  • Closure heads
  • Containment plates
  • Discs
  • Fittings
  • Gear bodies
  • Housings
  • Pump and valves
  • Shafts
  • Stems

In compliance with ISO 9001:2008, AS9100C certification and various nuclear quality program standards, our staff ensures all requirements on a PO are met, on time and to spec.

Trinity Forge and Machine is familiar with ASME specifications and NRC (Nuclear Regulatory Commission) 10CFR Part 21 requirements.

To respond to the nuclear industry’s ongoing need to achieve both cost savings and better quality parts simultaneously, Trinity Forge and Machine has retrofitted its range of hydraulic forging hammers with computer-controlled programmable controls. These controls automate the forging process, allowing for net or near-net forgings (holding tolerances as tight as +/- 5 thousandths of an inch) manufactured with extremely consistent mechanical properties while also greatly reducing production cycle times. With this industry-leading technology, Trinity Forge and Machine offers built-to-print forgings from approx. 3 oz. to 165 lbs. in net weight.

Trinity Forge and Machine also maintains a PhD Metallurgist on-staff, allowing customers to rest assured that any unique material, heat treatment, testing or other processing specifications will be fully understood and successfully adhered to. Trinity Forge and Machine performs a wide-range of pre-and-post forging operations in-house. We also maintain strong relationships with a diverse range of qualified subcontractors to partner with for any processes not carried out in-house.

Trinity Forge and Machine also offers precision machining, fabrication and mechanical or welding assembly services. The equipment mix is regularly modified to ensure an ability to offer the turnkey finished metal components customers demand at that moment.

Trinity Forge and Machine’s well-staffed engineering department is involved with all projects from the quotation stage to the actual production process, including design-to-manufacturability and define-to-cost exercises. The engineers are intimately familiar with the most common 3D CAD/CAM modeling systems, as well as DEFORM, the most comprehensive forging simulation software on the market. Our technical team is available for conference calls or in-person “lunch and learns” if deemed useful by our customers.

Trinity Forge and Machine is proud of its longstanding focus on serving the nuclear industry and our team is always excited by the prospect of additional customers from this market interested in partnering with. Please contact us for more information.