Trinity Forge, Inc., was founded in Hurst, Texas in 1955 and relocated to Mansfield, Texas in 1973. Our founders had a strong desire to create a company that focused on serving customer needs.

The company started with board drop hammers, which were common in that era. Initially, the largest part that Trinity Forge could produce was 10 pounds. In the 1960s, the company added equipment capable of producing forgings up to 20 pounds. This growth in maximum part size has continued over the years, with a current capacity to forge parts up to 160 pounds. Today, Trinity Forge houses state-of-the-art computer-controlled Lasco hydraulic hammers manufactured in Germany.

When the company was founded, forgings only from carbon and alloy steels were produced. We have now developed the capability of forging many additional materials, including all major stainless steel grades, nickel-based alloys (including Monel and Inconel), micro-alloy steels, aluminum bronze, aluminum and titanium.

Trinity Forge has a long-standing history of compliance with demanding industry and customer quality systems. In the early 1970's, the company began producing valve forgings for nuclear power plants. Trinity Forge secured and maintains a customer base in the nuclear industry by continuously developing our quality system. This effort, along with obtaining industry-specific quality certifications, has led to an ability to serve a greater variety of market segments. Trinity initially earned ISO 9000 certification in 1993. AS 9100 certification was achieved in 2003, as a precursor to entering the aerospace market. We now actively maintain many aerospace OEMs and their Tier 1 suppliers as customers.

In the 1960s, the company added a machine shop to produce spare parts required for board hammers. The shop has expanded and modernized over time into an extremely versatile machining facility. Trinity's machining complex is now used to machine forgings and to serve as a job shop for machining work for other accounts, as well as for production of dies and tooling. All of the major machining equipment is replaced on a five-year cycle.

Through all 60 years of the company's growth, the founders' commitment to customer service has remained our core value.